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"If people knew the truth, if there was more---I hate to use the word honesty --but I think people could deal with this disease a little better."(unnamed man in a cancer support group.)

Two randomized control studies have shown that the radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer does not extend life.( Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology , supplement 1995)

"I believe that most prostate surgery has been a sham. It has been misleadingly advertised and it has been ineffective. Urologists introduced radical prostate surgery without doing the necessary clinical studies.....

They went for money over science." (Surviving Prostate Cancer without surgery--Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.)

Wow! Pretty strong words from the media and professionals! have we heard that before!

The pharmaceuticals and medical profession continue to push drugs and surgery as the "cure-all".

Why? because they make nothing from natural ways of curing your diseases.

We tend to believe if a doctor’s Gospel!

I developed low grade prostate cancer and after several months of study and research I discovered that the existing "cures" were worse than the disease.

You’ve heard the saying:"A dog is a man’s best friend!" I say bullcrap!

A man’s best friend is his prostate....without it you are no longer a man!

Read the above quoted book: ( "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery"--Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.)

Read the horror stories and testimonials from men who now feel like eunuchs!

If you have an enlarged prostate or if your PSA is elevated and you have had a biopsy of your prostate showing that you have cancer....don’t

panic....take time to examine your options.

I took the months of research!

I’m a body builder and health food nut and I was shocked to discover how bad my diet was.

I couldn’t understand how the crap I could have this disease until I learned I was consuming food that was causing inflammation in my body!

I will give you a hint from my was

food containing Omega-6 oils!

I might as well have been drinking a cup of motor oil each day!

 Here's an excerpt from my E-Report:

People use to consume way more omega-3 fatty acids and the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 was about two to one. Now it’s twenty to one or more!

I challenge you to find olive oil in very many food products! Olive oil is an omega-3 oil.

How many people eat a hand-full of walnuts every day? Walnuts contain omega-3 oil.


My six months of research is now in the form of an E-Report that I would like to share with everyone touched by cancer.

The price for this report is whatever you feel like donating to cover the costs of this website and advertising!

You will not find the info. in this report anywhere else because I have done the research and work for you and compiled it all together.

Do you have the time and desire to do it?

This E-Report is a holistic approach to all diseases and may not be for everybody....but let me say.... what have you got to lose?

Do you know a friend or loved one battling cancer or some other disease?

This REPORT just might be an alternative to drugs and radiation for them.

I will put you in touch with a company that is run by real doctors who believe in a holistic approach to disease.

I've never seen anything like this company.Since I started buying vitamins,herbs,botanicals and hormones from them they send me a newsletter every month loaded with the latest research material on holistic medicine.

I'm talking serious stuff written by real doctors!

After you donate  you will be sent to my E-Report page.

There is no refund for this report.